Nvidia introduces new install features to drivers

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Along with performance increases across the board for the GTX 480 and GTX 460, the latest beta drivers also introduce 3 new features during driver install. You can also wait for the WHQL drivers which should be coming in ~2 weeks as per their regular schedule.   
Express Install: installs quickly with main functions
Custom Install: Allows you to choose what to install (PhysX, 3D etc.) 

The most exciting is:  
Clean Install: Completely removes previous driver and installs after that. They claim that this will have the same effect as using programs such as Driver Sweeper. Those of us that have been using Driver Sweeper for a long time will probably be quite happy with this function.  
They also said that speed of installation was increased overall. 
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Excellent news. The driver update process needed to be streamlined, or at least have more options like these.

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Oh wow! Clean Install sounds great.

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Whoa! This is incredible timing for me. I was just about to pull the trigger on an upgrade from my gtx285 to a gtx480. 

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Might have to upgrade my 9800GTX now...

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