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Objectivism is the capacity to realize that reality exists outside of our mind. The mind has a way to shape one's vision of things, making us take sides during a situation that requires a decision. This is normal human behavior as we are listening to instinct, our will to preserve ourselves by choosing what seems to be the best choice. Objectivism requires a strong state of mind where you neglect instinct for sense.

Reality is what we make it. Our internal state of mind transforms our vision of the outside world. Certain people hate cheese because it smells bad while other people do not mind. Such a situation requires no objectivism as there is no right or wrong answer, no facts that prove that the scent is universally bad. Communism requires a certain kind of objectivity. Objectivity that could not have been obtained on the spot, in 1919 in Russia as there was no proof that such a regime could not work. Now however, economists can study it and with certain objectivism, prove that it's not a viable economic regime. Objectivism is taking fact and using it to see the real face of reality.

In Video Games

Objectivism is hard to create in games as you are asking the player not to take a stance. In a medium so obsessed over getting the player involved with a story, making the "right" choice that is right according the people who made the game is not an easy task. It requires you to think like a machine, each choice like a number that adds up at the end of the game. In order to achieve objectivism, you want the highest number.

Bioshock takes the principal of objectivism by asking you to choose to kill Little Sisters who contain Adam, currency to buy upgrades for your character. You face two choices: let live or kill. Saving would mean that you cared for the Sister while killing would mean that you do not care for them. But if you look at the numbers, killing is the way to go as it gives you immediate points.

Because being objective in a video game requires you to strip away all the layers that make these decisions hard and use logic to make them. Another way to do this is by not taking a side, such is the case at the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas where you can decide not to side with any of the two waring factions. In Singularity, you can also decide not to side with any of the waring factions. However, this does not lead to the best possible outcome since objectivism is not a solution, it's a state of mind.  

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