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The first Obscure game was released in 2005 developed by a small company named Hydravision. The franchise consists of two survival horror games set in a school enviroment where the players have to fight the strange creatures dwelling in the school grounds as well as solve puzzles and get to the bottom of what is going on.

Obscure and Obscure: The Aftermath which followed both contain multiple playable characters who all possess a special ability that can be used to help the player, although none of these are required for the completion of the game. One or two players can switch between the characters providing they are near them and use them in co-op play or if there is no second player the second character will be a NPC. The death of a player does not result in a game over or a respawn but it does mean that the character who suffered that horrible fate is now dead for the rest of the game and the player/s must now utilize characters left over.

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