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Lovely and well worth sharing with your family.

Octodad Dadliest Catch is an odd game: Octodad is about an octopus desperately trying to keep it together while he galumphs out the American Dream and be the best father that he can be. Every attempt to accomplish his role within the nuclear family drips with slapstick, pathos and even an unbearably affecting bravery in spots which smartly breaks up the comedy. In game terms, it’s little more than a tech demo fully realized. But on those same terms it’s a game which is feel-good throughout.

The game’s controls has you controlling six cephalopod limbs of Octodad’s to walk and fill our your suit while the other two are used to interact with objects in the environment. As you seek to make yourself seem normal to your family and the outside world you do so typically by failing in comically abnormal ways. That’s the beauty of the game, even when you fail it’s more often than not more hilarious than when you succeed. The game also performs well as a cooperative game with children and adults alike. My niece particularly loved every moment she had with the game, and you can tell with how the game was structured that children were an aim more of the developers than most independent games currently on the market.

That said the back third of the game is inconsistent with the gameplay of the rest of the game. While true, I much prefer the switch in difficulty and objectives. Through it’s rise in difficulty and reliance on mechanics, these previously trifle aspects of the game were now poignant to the story. The game gives you a reason to have skin in the game, which makes the inevitable compassionate ending that much more meaningful. I never stopped smiling throughout the four hours I played this game. I'll conclude by saying enjoy this game level by level, since there are definite pleasures along the way.

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    I think Octodad is a good game because no one likes a game that's so easy that's why on octodad there is a real challenge and I like challenges. What I also like is that it actually has a story behind it and that it adds some other stuff to enjoy just like the party button on the intro level....

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