Late game GOTY candidate for 2010?

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Think about it.
What other game offers this level of octupus control? The answer is "no game." Octodad stands alone in it's field.
Also it's charming as all hell.

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It's awesome but I nearly threw my mouse into the monitor by the time I got to the most challenging task in the world ever... "climb the ladder" 
Yeah, probably game of the year.
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Come on, the game looks ridiculous.

#4 Posted by EVO (4027 posts) -

If there was a better octopus/father simulator this year, I haven't played it.

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@Olivaw said:
"Also it's charming as all hell. "
Not really.
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  For the benefit of those who haven't seen already.

#7 Posted by Olivaw (1223 posts) -
@BulletproofMonk said:
" @Olivaw said:
"Also it's charming as all hell. "
Not really. "
What's it like
not having a heart
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What is this... I don't even...

#10 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1485 posts) -

An octopus and a dad? It can be runner-up to Deadly Premonition based on that alone.

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Have any of you had to juggle being a father, husband and octopus?

#13 Posted by xen0 (17 posts) -

This game rules and I haven't even played it yet.

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@xen0 said:
" This game rules and I haven't even played it yet. "
Welcome to Giant Bomb. I'm glad OctoDad finally motivated you to post in the forums.
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It would seem that is the case, but truthfully, I just kept forgetting to join in the first place. :x

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