Octodad 2 needs 20000 Kickstarter Bucks to see the light of day!

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I just donated 5 dollars to get my name in the credits BUT they have lots of cool rewards for certain generous people, like a Octodad costume, statue, poster, t-shirt.

The original Octodad is a free-to-play IGF game by college kids I think - in any case - in controls interestingly and is intensely humorous and heart-warming and something of a cult-hit. I'm excited at the idea of Octodad 2 being longer, easier to control - and on Steam, XBLA, iPads and the like. It would make one hell of a good story at least.

Funding ends August 10th http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1432651738/octodad-2 Keep an eye on it to see how it's doing, (pretty fucking good already)

34% After Day One. All Octodad Plushies are sold out.

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I dropped 10 bucks for a preorder.

Also, yeah. Octodad was made by students of DePaul University? DePaul something or other.

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I really didn't like the first Octodad, I just found the controls frustrating But it looks like they're going to reach their goal, so good for them!

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lol, no.

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I found the first interesting but not worth much beyond that.

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