Is this worth buying now?

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I've never played the first Oddworld or any of it's sequels and I was wondering if this holds up and is still a good game. It's only £4 on PSN so i'm not expecting it to be amazing but would it be good enough to occupy me until Sniper Elite V2 comes out?

Or could anyone think of other games on PSN that are worth buying, I feel like I've pretty much got most things worth buying ranging from Joe Danger to Braid so any new ideas would be most welcome.


Edit: I should probably also state that i'm not looking to spend more than £8 on a game, although that is the price of the majority of PSN games in Europe.

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I have fond memories of the first few Oddworld games, they funny puzzle platformers that are full of character with a unique game mechanic. The character movement may be a bit cumbersome now, its sort of old school Prince of Persia like, you can run and walk and you have to line yourself up to platforms to climb up them, but yeah for 4 quid totally give it a go.

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