Holy shit! Munch's Oddysey and strangers wrath coming to PC!

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 So yes, we will be seeing more from Oddworld. Regarding the library, we are in the process of converting Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath to the PC, so that all four of the major Oddworld games will be re-releasing this winter in a package called "The Oddbox." This will be the Abe games, Munch, and Stranger as one package for Steam's digital distribution network, as well as a few other digital distribution outlets.     
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@Metal_Mills:  If this is true, then yay!
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Wow, that is totally, 100% amazingly, brilliantly, fantastically, awesomely, orgasmically awesome. I loved Abe's Oddyssey & Exoddus. The universe was fantastic, the gameplay was awesome. They are two of my favourite games ever. I really, really wanted to play the sequels but since I never owned an original Xbox, and the Backwards compatibility on 360 for Munchy is half broken and for Strangers is non existent, I never got to play the sequels. This is fantastic news!!!!!!

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That's all kinds of awesome.

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I've still got both games for my regular Xbox. But I think being able to play Strangers Wrath on my PC would be a much better deal. Great news for those who missed out on this game. (Much like me)

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I don't understand the excitement about Munch's Oddysee I've seen here and other places.  When the game came out it was correctly judged as mediocre.  Stranger's Wrath on the other hand...

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"That's... good to know"
@FlamingHobo: qft . Also, lol

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