Is the Oddboxx fixed?

#1 Posted by supermonkey122 (809 posts) -

Is it? I'm thinking of buying it.

#2 Posted by bio595 (307 posts) -

I tried to play some of it earlier this year, shit was still broke.

There was some stuff that you could get working by fiddling with the graphics settings but for the most part nah.

May have been updated more recently but I dont think so.

#3 Posted by Finstern (639 posts) -

I've played through Stranger's Wrath on a 5 year old laptop with an Nvidia 8600 GFX card, was barely playable on my 285 when it first came out. Can't speak for Munch's Oddysee but I imagine they got it fixed too, SW had much bigger problems at the time.

#4 Posted by SamFo (1513 posts) -

Still broke, they say that PC is getting a free update for Strangers wrath and Munch to the new HD versions, but i can't see it happening.

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