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Leads of the Old Gods of Asgard in the 70s, Odin and his brother Tor Anderson (not their real first names) were rock stars living a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll down on their farm, Valhalla, in Bright Falls. Their moonshine contained the magical waters of Cauldron Lake; it is implied that Odin cut his eye out himself while under the moonshine's influence, in order to be more like the mythological Odin, who is indeed missing an eye.
At some time, after the disappearance of Thomas Zane, he as his brother were touched by the darkness that robbed them of their creative power. After that they were deemed crazy and institutionalized at Cauldron Lake Lodge, at the care of Emil Hartman.  
They were pivotal characters that guided Alan in his quest to save Alice, assuring him that "it takes crazy to know crazy", referencing the craziness running rampage in Bright Falls, and telling him to go to their cottage. In the farm, the writer found a recording of the music "The Poet And The Muse", that set his path in the direction of Cynthia Weaver, and also there, he and Barry drank the Moonshine (a drink made by the brothers) that helped him clear the amnesia, and remember what happened in the week before. 

  • An obsession with the Coconut song in the jukebox at Oh Deer Dinner, to much of his brother displease.  

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