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Oifaye as a young man.
Oifaye as a young man.

Oifaye is first and foremost a strategist, taking after his grandfather. At the age of fourteen, he serves under his cousin Sigurd as one of his chief advisors, though he is trained highly in the use of a sword and can also ride a horse very well, he does not take part in any of the actual fighting. When Sigurd takes the young prince of Isaac, Shannan, under his protection, Oifaye becomes very good friends with him, being that they are about the same age. Sometime after Sigurd's son Seliph is born, Diadora places him in Shannan's care just before she goes missing. When Sigurd is branded an apparent traitor to his homeland, he places both Shannan and Seliph under Oifaye's care and tells them to leave until things die down. Since both Oifaye and Shannan are away from the army when it reaches Granbell, they are not present when Alvis executes everyone for treason.

Retreating into the wilderness and returning to Shannan's home country of Isaac, Oifaye raises and trains Seliph over the years in order to prepare him to fight against the Granbell empire. During the period when Seliph is growing up, Oifaye and Shannan serve as joint leaders of the rebellion and gain an infamous reputation amongst Alvis's allies in Isaac. When Seliph finally comes of age and marches against the occupation forces in Isaac, Oifaye steps down as the leader of the rebellion, allowing Seliph to take his place and from then on serves as his chief advisor. Oifaye is constantly responsible for inspiring Seliph on his journey and teaches him to be a capable leader just like his father, Sigurd.

After Yurius is defeated and Seliph is installed as the new Emperor of Granbell, Oifaye returns to govern Chalphy castle, being the only descendant of the warrior Boldo left, other than Seliph.

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