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Oishinbo: Kyukyoku no Menu 3bon Syoubu (roughly "The Gourmet: Ultimate Menu 3-Course Showdown") is an adventure game based on the Oishinbo ("The Gourmet") manga and puts the player in control of its main character Shirou Yamaoka as he attempts to assemble an "Ultimate Menu". While the game involves a lot of food snobs talking about quality dishes as renditions of Beethoven's Fur Elise and other classical music plays in the background, it is also somewhat aware of itself with a wry and self-effacing sense of humor, just like the manga.

The game is, through and through, a standard Famicom adventure game. Progress is usually made after exhausting all dialogue and other menu options in an area before the player is asked to move to a different one, or time suddenly moves forward and the story progresses on its own. The player has the standard options to Look and Talk to hotspots in the vicinity, as well as a few context-specific commands.

Oishinbo was eventually adapted for a Nintendo console again with 2007's DS Recipe Shou. Oishinbo: Kyukyoku no Menu 3bon Syoubu was featured on the GameCenter CX Japanese television show in 2014.

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