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Okage Shadow King begins with an over shadowed boy named Ari (Default name of the character in the beginning of the game, players can customize his name in the beginning). One night on the day of the circus, Ari's sister goes on a date with her boyfriend. A ghost attacks her and she becomes cursed making her speak pig latin. Ari and his family are then forced to save her from this terrible disaster by opening up a lantern/pot to bring out Stan the evil king to cure the girl's problem. He does but Ari has to help the evil king on a quest to conquer the "Fake evil Kings" and gain their power to rule the world.

On the adventure Ari meets new people along the way adding up to the party such as Rosalyn a knight who was made fun of because of her pink shadow this is no coincidence however as stan did it just like Ari's sister.




The game's protagonist. His name by default is Ari. He is a 16 year old boy that will encounter many bosses and friends throughout the game.



Ari's shadow has been cursed to save his little sister's life, and now he has to deal with this shadow. As players keep on playing the game they will notice that Stan does not like to agree with people unless they are the exact thoughts of what he thinks or wants.


This woman was cursed by Stan the evil king, now she is laughed at cause she has a pink shadow and was stripped of her high rank in society. She has a stubborn attitude sometimes but can give a good idea on the situation. She saved Ari from ghosts several times and is said to double the amount of ghosts near by when she is in the player's party. She always fights with Stan over who is better and can blabber on non stop with Stan about how being a hero is better than a villain.

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