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This is a general call to the Giant Bomb fans who played through Okami. This is about the boss Nechku you see toward the end of the game. I have a question...

What the hell is this?
The Twin Demons have a clock/time control motif around their dungeon and the events leading up to them. Lechku (the gold one) is easy. He has a clock in his chest with a face, hands, etc. No problem. However. Nechku (the silver one) has this slot machine looking digital clock output in this chest and I can't figure out what it's supposed to be. This question has bothered me for a long time but it reached a tipping point after I started putting Nechku in the Giant Bomb wiki. I gotta know what that is. My best guess is a digital clock (representing the future of time keeping) while his brother has an analogue clock (representing the past of time keeping). Unfortunately that's only a guess.
I'm posting this in the off chance that someone knows definitively what it's supposed to be. Although if no one knows, I'd love to speculate together about it. Try to hammer a little bit of sense into the crazy character design in this game.

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