Horrifically stuck

#1 Posted by Fallen189 (5020 posts) -

So I've been playing this for a good 7/8 hours now, but I've hit a roadblock or something. I'm in the village with all the cursed demons and shit, where your partner is the actress girl. I finished it all, got the extra purification strip, and everythings great. Only it's not. I'm up to the house where you're meant to use the slip and purification to get all the demon shit off the house, but it's not working. I've made a circle around every little thing, but the girl keeps saying "Oh no, thats wrong, pay attention to me"

Am I doing something wrong here?
#2 Posted by ezekielzero (183 posts) -

umm... if I remember correctly you draw a line from her to the cursed thing...
Yeah its to hugely obvious what you're meant to do.

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