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One Final Send Off. 4

            A lot of games could be classified art, after all games are a mixture of all the mediums we celebrate today, music, art itself, acting, and so forth. Ōkami was one of those games that always stuck with me with its vibrant world and colorful characters that truly made that argument for games as art point valid. A good 5 years later, its sequel arrives and not only that but it’s one of the games that sends off one of the most memorable handhelds in quite some time. Ōkamiden delivers...

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A Stroke of Genius 0

Okamiden is a fitting tribute to the end of the much-beloved Nintendo DS. Arguably the system’s swan-song, the game is an example of what is possible near the end of a device’s lifecycle. Packed inside its cartridge is a sprawling adventure lasting more than twenty hours in a fully realized, beautifully cel-shaded, 3D world. The title is an apt Japanese pun combining the name Okami with the word “Gaiden” meaning side-story. While Okamiden works well as an addendum to the original tale of Amatera...

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Okamiden 0

I think Capcom would have been better off making a straight sequel to Okami. The concept of Okamiden as a handheld companion to the original game, taking place in many of the same areas but putting twists on them and telling a sort of tangential story is fine. But it took me over twenty hours to beat and has sections that can for many minutes without save points, which is sort of ridiculous for a handheld game. The game's reach exceeds the intended scope of a portable experience and if an...

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A worthy successor to revered classic 0

If I were to summarize Okamiden in one word, it would be familiar. The reason being because it's heavy with references to and reuses locations from Okami, its predecessor. The entire game-world and its inhabitants are all instantly recognizable (assuming you've played the first game), and its gameplay unaltered. Okamiden therefore creates a very cozy atmosphere for fans in this sequel; one that doesn't alienate newcomers, at that. With a shift to a new platform and a new protag...

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I can paint with only a limited time and only one color... 0

ITS JUST SO FUCKING CUTE!If you haven't played the previous installment in this franchise, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Stop reading this. Go find it on either PS2 or Wii, and PLAY THAT SHIT, SON! I will take my time. Enjoy it....Back? Good. Remember that shit? Now that is on a handheld! The same concept as the Wii, as far as the controls go what with the touch screen/motion controller.Now, instead of Amaterasu, you're playing as her son, Chibiterasu.Once again, there are demons afoot in th...

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