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Old Skool Classics is a game compilation for the Nintendo 3DS that features updates of classic games for the Nintendo 3DS. Let's say. Relive the days of playing arcade game compilations on your Game Boy with the seven different titles found in this set. Now in 3D! Unless you turn the slider all the way down. Did you check? Maybe you should check. We'll wait.

Cool, right? It's like you're really holding the 3DS in your hand!

Games featured:

Shouldn't it be spelled "Old School"? No? Okay.
  • Asteroids : Shoot the asteroids instead of getting hit by them. I mean, why would you even get hit by them?
  • Tetris: Since you didn't download Tetris on the eShop, play it here instead.
  • Bust-A-Move: It's like Tetris with guns, sort of.
  • Breakout: A sad, one-person game of ping-pong.
  • Bejewelled: Didn't Bejeweled come out in 2001? Does that really make it Old Skool? Guess I'm old. Sigh.
  • Games six and seven: These two are so secret that even the Internet doesn't know what they are!

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