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First appearance: Megaman Star Force

In the beginning of Megaman Star Force, Omega-Xis (or Mega) was an AM-ian whose home was destroyed by Planet FM, thus working for them as a warrior. However, he still stands opposed to FM-ians and vows that he'll get his revenege. To do so, he secretly stole the Andromeda Key, the key that awakens Andromeda, the weapon that destroyed Planet AM.

One day, he was the guard of the prison that contained Kelvin Stelar, the father of Geo (protagonist). After much convincing, Mega lets Kelvin and company and turn them to EM waves so they can arrive home (though they are lost right now). Soon after, Mega left for Earth and met up with Geo, who Kelvin recommended for help. At first, Geo refuses to take part, but when Mega told Geo about Kelvin Stelar (whom Geo loved dearly), he cooperates... grudgingly. The combination of Geo and Mega turns to Megaman via EM-Wave Change and they start fending off against the incoming FM-ians. And while spending time on Earth, Mega learned compassion and that he sometimes can't go it alone from Geo.

The partnership, however, ended abruptly after the encounter against FM-ian Gemini, which made Geo disillusioned and moody. This led to Mega deserting Geo, although that was a bad idea. The FM-ians were invading and Mega, along with Harp Note (ally), couldn't fend off the FM-ians and Mega lost the Andromeda Key. Thankfully, Geo, convinced by AM-ians Pegasus, Leo and Dragon, returns to Mega and works with him yet again. Then with the help of a close friend of Kelvin Stelar (Aaron Boreal) Megaman was tranferred up to space in order to stop the FM-ians and Andromeda. Mega, after defeating Andromeda, could have killed the FM King on the spot for all the pain he suffered, but he eventually decided against it. Geo tehn returns to Earth, and Mega follows him as well. And normal life would resume once more. 

Personality: One could wonder what Mega would've been like before the destruction of Planet AM. One could imagine that Mega was cruel because he was forced to work with the enemy. As a result, he was selfish, was looking out for himself most of the time, and very bossy to Geo. However, as time went on with Geo, he softened a little and he was not as cruel (though still bossy).

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