Omerta: City of Gangsters Demo available on Steam

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#1 Posted by cid798 (309 posts) -

Really enjoy what I played so far. Reminds me a lot of Tropico 4 which I like. Definitely work a look and it's only about 700mb.

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#2 Posted by Funkydupe (3558 posts) -

I avoid the "combat" in this game as much as possible, it is truly and utterly mediocre.

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#3 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1412 posts) -

@Funkydupe: it's like a poor man's xcom, without any of the things xcom does really well. Also even on easy the enemies seem to destroy you in so many situations, it's nuts... also standing beside someone and getting a sub 70% hit chance that also misses? guess what guys that's never fun...

The online is laughable so far, I poked my head in to see maybe 20 people in the global chat that's set up and zero games going for any of the modes... half the talk in the chat is how simple the game is, and I agree to some extent.

There is something about the game that is still interesting, but so much of it comes off as hugely unfun and unbalanced in weird ways... almost like tropico actually. The whole "this game is brutally unforgiving at first, then all of a sudden you own everything and nothing is worth anything anymore and there's zero challenge" thing happens in this game as it offers no middle ground where you're pushed to progress but not actually beaten over the head by the police wanting all of your money every few seconds or getting one shotted at the start of a combat mission when the enemy randomly spawns on your dudes and gets the first turn... this game needs months of polish/balance and some fresh eyes to make it close to what it could really be.

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#4 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

The demo was pretty plain to me, but I'll still buy the full game a little later. 
I thought it was going to interest me just like Gangland did, but it's not as fun IMO. 
Gangland's sequel didn't even interest me as much as the original, there's something unique about it I really enjoy.

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@x0mb13: The game may be improperly balanced at easy then. How can I be tactical against an enemy that moves in from the shadows on it's turn and gets right up to my character then takes then down to 20% health in one attack... then it's 2-5 friends appear as well and do the same to the rest of my team. Like I said sometimes I spawn ON the enemies and they take me out before I have my turn to actually do anything, how can I be tactical when I start in their faces and with half hp or even have 1-2 of my guys dead...

The problem is if I restart a few times so I get a 'fair' shot at the start and maybe only 1 enemy taking shots at me instantly I can easily take the rest of them out usually.

If anything I bet they just didn't put any time into balancing the difficulty modes, they happens often I find as I play more and more modern games on easy these days. The actual AI rutiunes don't change, they are just a ruthless or whatever as they'd normally be, it feels like they 'maybe' tweaked the hp numbers or something but that's it and if they did more it sure doesn't feel like it. I very much feel like I'm playing on normal especially with the combat. Maybe the difficulty just is adjusting the other stuff in the game like the money you get or something, whatever.

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