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OMGWTFOTL is the acronym for Odious Manly Genuflection With Terrible Fury: Only True Lamentation. OMGWTFOTL was originally released as 男土下座地獄 (Japanese: Otoko Dogeza Jigoku, roughly translates to "a man's prostration hell") in Japan on April 9, 2006 by the doujin group Hanpamania-Soft as a freeware. It was later translated and released in English by Insani on August 19, 2006.


GENUFLECT OR DIE! Now, finally, the lunatic novel game which received enthusiastic applause from ... an incredibly small number of rabid Japanese fans ... comes to invade the English-speaking world! This piece will have you going OMG, WTF, and OTL all at once -- and as such it is entirely not appropriate for those under the age of 18 or those with delicate sensibilities. Consider: at different times, it features things like tentacle beast rape, kamikaze suicide attacks, and clubbing baby bears to death with crowbars. Proceed with utmost caution.


Osaka Bancho, a large, powerful, and ferocious man is preventing the unnamed protagonist from buying a farm. The protagonist is completely outmatched, and he contemplates his next move.


As a visual novel, OMGWTFOTL is presented entirely through narrative. It will occasionally present a choice of up to 4 dialogue options. In the story portion of the game, the choice to Genuflect is always present, and it is even available in the title menu. The player's choices will affect the outcome of the story, with Genuflecting that will always lead to a specific bad ending. Upon reaching a bad ending, the player is given the explanation as to why the bad ending was reached.



Genuflect (also known as [X] GENUFLECT) has been made a meme where a multiple-choice question will be amended to simultaneously add and choose the option to genuflect. Note that genuflecting in OMGWTFOTL actually refers to prostration, as seen in the title menu and in the image that follows the choice to genuflect.

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