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Mihawk defeating Zoro
Mihawk defeating Zoro

One Piece: Grand Adventure is fighting game based on the hugely popular anime and mange series, One Piece. Touted as the spiritual succesor to One Piece: Grand Battle, Grand Adventure features a similar fighting system and many of the characters found in Grand Battle. It also introduced a structured story mode that spanned a large chunk of the comic's story.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode Map
Adventure Mode Map

Players play as the Straw Hat Pirates, the protagonists of the story, as they travel the seas in search of the legendary treasure "One Piece". The hub of the Adventure Mode is a map of the world, which you travel around with your pirate ship, the Going Merry, that covers the story of One Piece from it's opening moments, up through the Skypiea arc.

There are also "What-if?" scenarios along the way, much like the Dragon Ball Z Budokai games, where alternate story-paths could be found to unlock additional characters, including Chef Zeff and Kuina.


Outside of the 24 playable characters, there are also 51 support characters which the player can choose before a fight. Each character is assigned at least one character specific support character and in some cases two or three.

Playable Characters With Supports

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