First DLC pack trailer

#1 Edited by ninkendo (124 posts) -

Wouldn't be a Musou game without all the DLC! Oh manz dat Nami.

#2 Posted by wchigo (565 posts) -

Interesting! I'm not sure if I'll get the DLC though, unless it adds more Trophies. I was pretty close to getting the Platinum on the Japanese version so I think I'll shoot for it again with this version.

Somehow, I don't think they got Nami's face quite right in the game. It may seem weird to say but she seems too... cartoony(?) even when compared to her anime/manga version. To me, Robin seems more accurate, although her hands are HUGE! O_O

#3 Posted by kishinfoulux (2509 posts) -

Those costumes are kind of ugly. :-/

#4 Posted by Puchiko (58 posts) -

Damn I want this game so bad but I will wait for a PSN Plus discount or gold version with all the DLC packs :(

#5 Posted by 49th (2844 posts) -

Hmm that actually looks pretty fun.


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