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Fails in every way 0

With barely dusting off the code from the PS2 Onechanbara games, D3 has put out a game that will make most gamers turn away. Considering the game is nothing but half-naked girls, that's an accomplishment. Bikini Samurai Squad will be a guilty pleasure for few people, but most normal players out there who don't find appeal in tasteless garbage wouldn't play this game beyond the first hour. The game revolves around female exploitation, opening with a shower scene and the lead girl teasing her priv...

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Pretty awful 0

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad is the sequel to the Wii version Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. The title is a little misleading, since there isn’t a squad of bikini samurais, only one character wears a bikini. Also what the title doesn’t tell you is that the game is terrible. Onechanbara would have been better off with no story, that way there would have been fewer load screens (which there are plenty). The story is completely nonsensical, contrived garbage which is lazily used to paste...

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Despite the bikini's and shower scenes, my brain is now mush 0

I borrowed this game hoping that it would be one of those Zombie games where you could slice and dice everything.  Unfortunately, it was a game which has zombies which you slice and dice everything... and that's it.   How could this be bad?  Sexy Girls... check!    Zombies.... check!  Swords.... check!   The game's name explains it all!!Onee - Girl,  Chambara - Japanese Samurai MovieWell... here's what's missing: Plot, Gameplay, Useful Camera, Graphics, etc...Stay away...!   The zombies really d...

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Not even a rent... 0

I didn’t really have much expectations for Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad other that wanting to see one of those weird Japanese import games focused on cute chicks fighting. In the intro cutscene seeing the two sisters getting ready to fight zombies made be laugh out loud. Heh, the character Aya got caught in the shower during this current zombie apocalypse and had to quickly don her cowboy hat, feather boa, swords and sport thong!The game controls were pretty bad, graphics reminded me of a Pl...

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It is like the opposite of polishing a turd. 0

Everyone knows that when you are selling a crappy car you wash the eck out of it.  Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad is not that.  It is (fairly) sexy women cutting up zombies which is potentially awesome.  The problem is going back from this concept into the game play.  The combat is less fun than trying to push a lung chunk down the sink drain after a good party.  You just move your finger around tell you get to the next level.  The menus are inept and unintuitive.  I paid full price (39.99 us...

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