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"THE" samurai game

I was thinking about the greatest games that came out for the ps2 and one of the games that inmediatly came to my mind was Onimusha Warlords, this game is the perfect description of how a game based on the style of combat of a samurai should be.

First i writte some facts about this game.

- the control of this game is like playing resident evil but with swords.
- the game is 3 hours long
- this one doesnt have anything to do with this game but, i dont speak english so if i have some gramatic errors please dont mind

The story is simply amazing i really was impressed by it, Samonouske Akechi recived a letter from princess Yuki, and basically she told him that some demons start appearing in the castlel and she is in danger, so you have to go to the castle to save princess Yuki and discover whats going on in the castle. After playing some hours you discover that the demons try to assemble am army of demons to rule the wolrd again and the resurection of a feudal lord call Nobunaga that sold his soul to the demons.

The gameplay is where the game shines, i enjoyed it so much not because this game was a fast paced action instead is a slow action game that really take his design by the tactical combat that the samurais had, so you press square and you use your sword, you dont have any combos, you only have one attack and if you press the L1 button (i am not sure if that was the button use for the focus stand ) and press foward you make a stab like move, and if you press triangle and you have an special weapon you can use the special move for that weapon.

Where the game really success for me is in the focus stand or so i call it where you stand with your sword and wait for the enemy to attack you and if you press the square button just before an enemy attack you, you can kill him with one blow of your sword, every single enemy except the bosses can be kill with one attack, and if you succes this give you more experience orbs, and always give you some healing orbs.

This orbs appeared every time you kill an enemy, green for Xp, blue for magic and yellow for health, so you need the green orbs to improve the weapons you find through the game, and the blue ones to use the special attack of the weapons. There is one hidden sword in the game that is very powerful but you can only use it in the final 10 to 20 minutes of the game but is really useful.

The level design is amazing, you visit burned castlels, demonic laboratories, japanesse gardens, rivers, and the demonic world. The bosses in this game are pretty amazing every one of it, you have a great time fighting every monster.

The sound effects are good and make their job fine, but the music, i only have one word to describe it " Wonderful ", it captivate the feeling of listening to japanesse orchestrated music, it boost the game action to other level and the inmersion you can have while playing is surreal.

The graphics are of high quality if you keep in mind that this game was in the first wave of games released for the ps2, the game is like resident evil 2 with prerended background that dont move but they are trully amazing and have some nice vistas to enjoy.

This game is one of the games that i considered perfect i squeeze everything from it, so i can highly recommend it to play.


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