Any duders ever use OnLive?

#1 Posted by Phatmac (5926 posts) -

With the death of OnLive pretty much confirmed perhaps we can find some duders on here that actually used it. What was your experience like with OnLive?

#2 Posted by Shivoa (708 posts) -

Used on phone (Android) and PC to see how it worked. It worked (rather laggy, not ideal; I've seen worse with really laggy HDTV + game that seemed to be rendering 4 frames ahead if I had to guess at a number) and on mobile that's about all you could want. 720p streaming wasn't the best when I was running it on my PC but on the phone it looked great (as you'd expect from streaming a video around the native res of my screen). The second gen tech looked to be interesting from making sure only those who can't play console games justifiably complain about the delay and even that is something Carmack might get some traction on (if TVs start to have an arms race on 'no lag' branding and making sure all screens don't take 60ms+ to get the signal from the HDMI port to the pixels).

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I made use of it for a bit, actually bought a couple of games on it, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Borderlands. While Borderlands probably in no way looked as good as its ordinary PC counterpart, it played perfectly fine. Deus Ex on the other hand lagged considerably, and was very hard to play. Also the service was impossible to use over Wi-fi. Only spent £6 on the games though, so I'm not complaining if the service shuts down.

#4 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

Yeah I used it quite a lot before I got a real gaming PC. I played Deus Ex HR, Amnesia and Metro 2033 on it. Had pretty much no problems with it, unless my Internet was being shitty one day. I played over wifi every time I played and it was totally fine. I actually got the console too (got it for free from the Eurogamer Expo last year) but didn't use it too much. You had to use wired Internet with the console, making it awkward for me to use. It was super nice when I tried it, though.

I didn't actually spend much on my OnLive games, so I'm not losing too much if it all goes to shit. I got Deus Ex HR and Deus Ex (the original) free with the console and I bought Metro 2033 and Amnesia in sales for £3.50 each.

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I did. The demos I played had a half to whole second delay when I pushed a button. They looked "Okish" But nothing to write home about. 

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This is possibly interesting (based on our tiny sample), maybe OnLive (despite launching in the US first) actually got more traction in the UK where most people live near a data centre (usually within 100km/60 miles) including people enjoying the experience enough to pay for games. Note that the nVidia article I linked above said an advantage of cheaper servers was more locations and so reducing round trip pings from 75ms to 30ms (average expected). In the UK we would expect an unhindered ping for most people to a local UK server to be under 30ms so over here we already have an expectation of this reduction and so would be experiencing less lag using the service.

#7 Posted by believer258 (13191 posts) -

I tried it and had a rather crappy experience. At my home, this is understandable - I have cheapass AT&T DSL - but I also tried it at my college, which has really good internet, and it was still far from a good experience.

I just don't think super high-speed internet is yet affordable enough and widespread enough to make proper use of this. Even then, I really prefer my games locally so I don't at all think OnLive is anything close to the optimal way to play games.

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Yeah it was fine, it ran fine. I just didn't have a need for it and found the slightly compressed look to the video to be kinda weird and hard to get over.

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For some reason I had the playpack for free after some 1 month trial thing which I mainly used for Civ 5 on my laptop and to brush up on the hitman games for absolution. I also got L.A. Noire for a buck on some deal they had.

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I have an OnLive microconsole and the experience was actually pretty good, I played through War in the north on it and the warhammer gamer, both action games, without issues. Mind you I have a 90 down fiber connection at home so my situation is more ideal than most people. However I was rather impressed with how well it worked, I can't remember a single instance of feeling any kind of noticeable lag. However the games simply don't look as god as console or PC games. I tried it because I received a unit for free at an industry event and I went as far as purchasing the monthly subscription because I put OnLive in my office and gamed while working from home. I also have a high end gaming PC which is what I use primarily, and a PS3 and Vita.

Just wanted to add that while I didn't really experience lag that affected gameplay, switching back to playing the same games on PC I did notice it felt more responsive on PC. But that's to be expected.

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Yep, back when I had Comcast, I used it all the time. Unfortunately, my current ISP is way too slow for that sort of thing.

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Was in the alpha, beta, and got a year free of their sub service with it.

It was decent, but the game selection they had did not go well with latency.

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I played around with it a while back. I think the game I "demo'd" was Home Front. While the game itself was medicore - I really enjoyed the ability to trial games that way and "loading" into it was as smooth as butter. The only problem I found with the service was the YouTube like compression - which led me to not sticking with the service.

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Can't say I have. It never looked appealing at all.

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I have a 100/100 connection.

What I got can best be described as GOMTVs free stream, or 240p Youtube, running at around 25-30 FPS with noticeable artifacting and very noticable input lag. Looked like absolute shit. I believe the tech will rule in the future but right now it's just too goddamn primitive.

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I used it when they had some free rental stuff going on. It was okay. I think I would like it more as just a game demo service for the PC, but I'm not sure how that would work. There are so few demos for the PC, it's hard to figure out what games are like these days before you buy them.

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Reports say they never had more than 1,800 customers at any given time. The few. The proud.

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Yeah, I use it. They're giving away from Indie games every week so I've been getting those. That SpaceChem game will fuck you up!

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