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Opal Darkbriar (High Elf)
Opal Darkbriar (High Elf)

Opal Darkbriar is a dark elf necromancer who has been the leader of the Dismal Rage guild for a very long time. She was a part of the guild when it was known as the Divine Rage, a group of necromancers and clerics sent by the king of Neriak to spread the word of Innoruuk to the people of Freeport. Their attempts were thwarted by the wizards, magicians, and enchanters of the Academy of Arcane Scientists. Opal Darkbriar was the only survivor and retreated to the tunnels beneath the city. From then on, the guild became known as the Dismal Rage and she began plotting her revenge.

Using the dark arts of necromancy, she was able to capture a high elf wizard from the Academy and encase his soul in a shard of a gem. Using this shard, she was then able to cast an illusion upon herself to appear as a high elf for extended periods of time. Over the course of many years, Opal Darkbriar, as a high elf, proved herself as a loyal member of the Academy and eventually became the guildmaster of the wizards there. It's only a matter of time now before she leads a strike against the Academy from within.



Factions (Dark Elf)

  • Bloodsabers
  • Dark Reflection
  • The Dead
  • Dismal Rage
  • Opal Dark Briar

Factions (High Elf)

  • Arcane Scientists
  • Knights of Truth

Opposing Factions (High Elf)

  • The Freeport Militia
  • Opal Dark Briar

Related Quests (Dark Elf)

  • The Burning Dead

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