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More frustration than challenge. 0

    This game caught my interest as it seemed similar the Front Mission series, sadly, this frustrating SRPG is not just difficult it is borderline broken. The story is weak, as is the voice acting, it is just enough to keep you playing, but it is far from satisfying. So this is where the game play should make up for it, but honestly it doesn't. The battle system is boring and leads to long and mostly annoying battles. The cover system fails to add strategy to this game. All in all, I would pass...

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Alternate History Strategy 0

Operation Darkness is a strange alternate history WWII turn-based strategy game with zombies and werewolves.  It's a pretty weird but by-the-numbers storyline told through text boxes with voice-over between campaign missions.  You control a squad of storyline characters and generic recruit characters using some pretty standard turn-based strategy controls.  There are 3 groups of trigger commands that can be used to cause a character to take action when another ally moves, when anyone moves throu...

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