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Impressivly Dissapointing 0

Look at the feature set of what this game has to offer; a 220 KM2 island to explore which is entirely seamless, you can travel from one end to the other without need of a loading screen. 70 weapons and weapon variations, 40 vehicles including boats and helicopters, 300m draw distances, destructible cover and buildings, fumes of smoke pouring out of burnt tanks which last for hours... It must have been quite a task to fit all this into a game, streaming technology for environments as big as this...

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Flawed game, enjoyable sim 0

  I was skeptical starting Dragon Rising, since I am an avid fan and player of the original Operation Flashpoint. The developers of the original, Bohemia Interactive, lost the license to their publisher Codemasters, giving the publisher full rights to develop this sequel. Codemasters aren't exactly known for their actiontitles, and discarding Bohemia that way gave me and other fans a certain disbelief in their capability to produce a competent game. Since their departure from Codemasters, Bohemi...

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War As Seen Through The Lens 0

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is the sequal to the 2001 military simulator, Cold War Crisis. The difference this time round is that Codemasters is Developing with Bohemia out of the picture, this change has shifted it from "Military Simulator" to "Tactical First Person Shooter". However do not fret, this change is a far cry from a bad one, instead we get a more streamlined experience that manages to bring back the same "One Shot Can Kill" intensity that the first game brought to us on th...

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Worthy of the name Operation Flashpoint and more! 0

When I went to the local Gamestation in the local shopping precinct, I thought to myself: Is this money better suited to buyin Modern Warfare 2, considering that the release was a month away. The answer.  No.  As you may be able to tell, otherwise this review would be non existant and based entirely on specualtion and reccomendation. Operation Flashpoint, was not a game for Mr. Run A. Gun in 2001 and I am glad that Codemasters stuck to this one thing that made me enjoy operation flashpoint 8 yea...

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Understand it and enjoy it 0

In order to fully enjoy Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, you have to go into it with the right mindset, knowing what it is, and what it isn’t. What it is is a great military simulation game that will make you think and strategize to overcome it, and that if you have the patience, will reward you for it. What it is not is the next big online, high-intensity, over-the-top first person shooter. And, if that’s OK with you, you will surely find something to enjoy in Dragon Rising.    The island...

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Operation Flashpoint - time's up! 0

  I guess the first thing I must point out is that I really don't mind getting shot in the head. I was fully expecting to get the one shot kills and sneaky strategy with this game. I had hopes of a game like the early Ghost Recon FPS games. I really liked Far Cry 2 and was expecting something more technical from this, but with it's free-roaming style and tactical game-play. I really fancied a strategy fps and had this on pre-order. What's the time?   But Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is a d...

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Oh Dear 0

  With its clunky game play , Bugged AI and a non-existent storyline ,Operation Flashpoint fall far from its predecessor by a mile. Now don't get me wrong if your looking for a quick FPS to play then Op Flashpoint:Dragon Rising is worth the play. But don't go in expecting anything more than a standard first person shooter as you will be most disappointed. I played this game after hearing all of the hype about the use of tactical vantage points , and your amazing AI squad to help bring missions...

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Try this game 0

It's finally that time of the year when we console gamers are less than a month away from Modern Warfare 2. There are quite a few games coming out before 11.10.09 that could hold your time until  that day. Some of those games rise to the top, and I think Operation Flashpoint 2 is one of them. Based on the fictitious island of Skira, you take the role of a U.S. Marine team leader set out to take on the Chinese Army, or the PLA. As with most other games I play, the story doesn't really matter, ...

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Almost, but not quite 0

 Difficulty: Just RightTime Spent: 20 to 40 hoursRating: 6.5/10   First Off: Don't completely believe what I put for the difficulty because honestly, sometimes things go really smoothly and other times you sit at your computer thinking "What the hell just happened?" So I guess it varies. Secondly: I'm going to list the pros and cons because it's easier and it gets my points across so much better than one big story. Oh and I'll give you examples and reasons, awesome right?The Cons-Sometimes your ...

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review 0

Developer: CodemastersPublisher: CodemastersOperation Flashpoint made its name on the PC, and with the release of this game, it is perhaps not surprising that many console gamers don’t know much about the series.On the face of things, Flashpoint looks and feels like any other shooter. However this notion quickly disappears after players begin shooting at their targets. Operation Flashpoint is in fact very different from most other FPS games on the market. Flashpoint is built to be, and handles m...

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review 0

 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is Codemaster’s sequel to 2001’s original made by Bohemia Interactive. It drops you into the boots of a Marine fire team dropped on Skira Island, a fictional Russian territory taken over by China for its oil assets. The story is minimal, and most of it is played out over radio while hiking through the island. The first thing you will notice when booting the game up is the draw distance. You have detailed vision over about 2 kilometers, and you can see lands...

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So I snagged this for $4.... 0

 During the steam Christmas sale I spent a terribly large sum of money, all for a bargain. One of the most notable items snagged was the sequel to one of the most realistic combat simulator made for the PC, Operation Flashpoint. The sequel details the storyline in a quick and simple cut scene shown at the beginning, to put the story in the basics, China is out of oil, Russian island  off the coast of china has lots of oil, Diplomacy fails and war sparks with the Peoples Liberation Army of China ...

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Slaughters Fun With Realism 0

War is Hell, or so we would believe having played through various iterations of Call of Duty, but Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising would have us believe it isn't so hellish. Taking place on a fictional resource-rich island that just happens to be perfectly situated enough between China and Russia for conflict to erupt eventually draws the United States in as well. The perennial sequel to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the game places a significant emphasis on realism a...

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