A Few Masters of Code Run Through What to Expect Out of Operation FlashPoint: Red River

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This is a bit late, its been out for a while.

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@ThePhantomnaut said:
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@Xdsk: Not in NA.
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@Chabbs0 said:
" @ThePhantomnaut said:
Of red river
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@Xdsk: In Europe it has, but it's not out until June in the US.
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Super pumped to get this on 360, loving the coop aspect, not much into the whole competitive shooters like COD i prefer the coop.

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@abdo said:
" @Xdsk: In Europe it has, but it's not out until June in the US. "
Oh right, just assumed it was released in the US before the UK.
Its got some nice new features that make the game a whole lot more enjoyable than the first.
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This game is really bad. That is all.    

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It's not out in the US?  That explains a few things - I assumed everybody had just ignored it.

It's a 7/10 btw.  8 if the AI is fixed by June.

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I actually enjoyed playing the co-op online, but the game didn't play that great.

It was still fun, though, so I might rent it.
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This isn't Operation Flashpoint. They took the name and they've tainted it with immense levels of suckage.

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Operation: Red Rover

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@Karlif said:
" This game is really bad. That is all.     "
eg "This is not like every other shooter on consoles, I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!! NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS" Get over yourself.
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 Menstruation: Red River

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@Jimbo said:
" It's not out in the US?  That explains a few things - I assumed everybody had just ignored it.It's a 7/10 btw.  8 if the AI is fixed by June. "
The AI wasn't fixed during the life of the first game, or for the release of this one. I'd hazard a guess that they would have fixed it by now if they could get it done before June :P
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Is this game about dyking up the river so that Winnipeg doesn't get flooded this spring?

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I was cheated out of my money by Dragon Rising with the absolutely false claims of content from Codemasters. No thanks.

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Game is total crap a dumbed down version of original OPFOR. ARMA I and II are they way to go.

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Umm I finished this game a good while ago now.. Strange to see video of it here.

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Played an hour or two and it's a decent game, The best thing is its different to the majority of modern shooters, It is slower than COD as it's more tactical, it's more of a simulation than COD.
It is enjoyable and a breath of fresh air as COD and it's clones are getting old fast.
It's funny to see all the comments online about this game, Allot of hate from some people who continue to say " it sucks,i will stick with COD", basically anything that is not using the excat same controls and feel of COD is garbage.

I dont want to live in a world where we only play the same games every 1-2 years with minor improvements, I love modern games epecially how stories have greatly improved but there are vey few publishers & developers willing to take a gamble on something different because the only games that sell well are the same franchises, The problem is them other games are not selling enough to be profitable, it seems like its either a few millon seller or a bust, over the years the middle ground is where we have seen games with different and unique ideas but they are becoming few and far between.

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I think at this stage everyone knows the story with the OFP name so we can all stop constantly spouting it in the forums. This game looks kinda fun and at least in a better state than Dragon Rising was. The reviews were pretty decent for it as well but I suppose they were for DR too. The word of mouth is much better though. I may pick it up if its cheaper on Steam or if I see it in a shop.  

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I'm almost done with this game. Ha!

EDIT: Oh, and did I mention achievements?
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Seeing an AN/PAQ-1 on a shotgun just looks weird to me. 

The shoelaces around the optics and AN/PAQ is a nice attention to detail. They're not holding the units on. They are there incase they get lose, preventing them from falling off completely, if I'm not mistaken.
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Watching this made me miss Rainbow Six.
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SGT. Knox is probably one of the worst written characters I've had the displeasure of listening to in a long time. And this whole 'riding between stages on a quad/back of truck' to lengthen short single-player campaigns isn't fooling anyone.

If there's no pvp then your AI better be up to scratch. This game fails as a result.

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Codemasters I sort of liked the first one but this one is farther dumbed down. I felt that OF: DR was already lacking. So I am very cautious of this version. As G.W. Bush said, "Fool me once...and I can't get fooled again."

It seems it is now just a "Me too shooter"... :-(
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Hate the camera effect idea. I'm a guy in a grass field, not a shitty webcam with a gun.

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They should clean up their abandoned building, it's a mess.

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@Karlif:  Yeah agreed, it's horrible.  I played it on PC, it looks absolutely awful, the script is absolute US marine gung ho trash.   Had no idea this turd hadn't already came out everywhere. 
Avoid at all costs.
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Is that their game studio? Fancy shmanzy.

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I'll stick to ARMA 2 with the A.C.E 2 mod thank you very much. No need for Codemasters dumbed down, butchered "re-imagining" of OFP. What a waste.

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I'm still waiting for another shooter  to just straight up take the Brother's in arms command ring. It's probably not suitable for a game that's supposed to be as tactical as Operation Flashpoint, but  it would be great in a squad based shooter.

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I had this in my hand in-store for a few minutes until I felt some sort of ethereal force make me put it back down…

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i have this game and i have to say the ai is bad. they will often get stuck on things or move back and forward rapidly. i was stuck in a mission for about 7min waiting for alpha team to get in to position, reason: a team member of that squad was stuck on a crashed chopper. and its not like someone shot it down and it was in the path of the ai it was allready there as part of the senarie. i have died by bleeding out even though all 3 of my team members was less the 2 meters away from me and there was no enemy to engage but they were blocking each other. thats just some of the problems with the ai
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Having just replaced a laptop with a bad videocard, those colour-block artifacts are not something I want to see on my screen ever again. 

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ArmA and ArmA 2 are insanely better than this hunk of garbage

Anybody play ArmA 2 online? It's pretty fun.

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