Operation Flashpoint: Red River Announced

#101 Posted by alpertini (16 posts) -
@dr_pineapple said:
" Dragon Rising was not a fun game... "
This won't be too...
#102 Posted by NeilRapalee (137 posts) -

Hopefully this is better than Dragon Rising.  That game was a glitchy mess.
#103 Posted by IcySandman (481 posts) -
@InfamousBIG: Arma 2 has a great Mod community with mods like Ace 2.0 it enhances the game while giving more weapons, vehicles, and better a.i.  Alot of servers use Ace mod.  I'd highly suggest it, get on a server with people on Teamspeak it's tons of fun.
#104 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Friends and I tried this in coop a few times but it was just so bad that we gave up.

#105 Posted by Devil240Z (4032 posts) -

if they make it not suck like the last one I might be interested. 

#106 Posted by Ubiquitous (576 posts) -
@harvey_the_pooka said:
"Hope this is going to be a little more approachable than Dragon Rising "

This could be taken two ways. One that it was not approachable because it was a stripped down, bland, buggy mess of a game. Or you could be saying that it was unapproachable because of complexity or overencumberance. I sincerly hope the former is the truth. For the sake of humanity. If so, I wholeheartedly agree. Top Arma2 please. But it won't happen, Codemasters should stick to Grid/Dirt.
#107 Posted by Judus (24 posts) -

I will always have a soft spot for operation flashpoint and also never have the time and money to dedicate to playing any of them :)

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