What's the point of teaser trailers?

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I was just chatting with my friend about CODBLOPS being super fast paced. I brought up Operation Flashpoint being slower and then did a search for new info on the upcoming Red River game. Lo and behold I found a new teaser, posted today. It doesn't show any gameplay though. Do these things get you guys excited for games? Or do you think they're kind of worthless? 

Or maybe it's showing a new feature. You can customize your soldiers with iPods.
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At 1:26 they try to tease the HUD.
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Sometimes they can get me really excited for a game, but only if its one I'm highly anticipating. Teaser trailers very rarely show any gameplay, which is the main thing that will sell me on a game.

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Look up tease in the dictionary.  It's meant to get your attention but not fulfill you in any way, leaving you wanting more.
They have their place for announcing things and letting you know it's at least a real thing, but when it's something that shows nothing it has a very cheap feeling to it and comes off like a possible hoax.
I don't really see why a game in the Flashpoint series would need a teaser, the fans of those games buy them all and are patient - you have to be to like those games.

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Sometimes - especially when they include a lot of live action video like the one you posted - I think these types of trailers can be used to appeal to a wider audience. People who are interested in the military and see that video may wonder what the product is before they even realize it's a game.
I think we, as gamers, may see them as pointless because they aren't aimed at us.

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They're hype tools.

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They're sort of pointless. If it's a game I'm anticipating I'm excited for it anyway and if not then I won't be interested until I see gameplay.

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