shadow71's Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Xbox 360) review

There is some enjoyment to be had here

Admittedly my first 20 minutes with this game were almost a deal breaker, the game's intro attempts to put a humorous spin on war to an almost offensive degree. After starting the first level I also appeared to run into a few bugs with team mates randomly stepping directly in front of me as I fired upon the enemy. Fortunately though I managed to tough through it and really start to enjoy the game.

The gameplay is relatively slow paced, much more reminiscent of the older Ghost Recon games -- which is something I actually quite liked about it. The primary annoyances with the game for me come from having to listen to your Sargent's banter between mission areas all the time, when you first start the game it will come off as humorous, but after a few levels it starts to get a little tired.

I would definitely recommend picking this up if you liked the older Ghost Recon games, and have the patience to deal with some smaller flaws that will indeed make the game less fun. But to me the combination of cooperative play, character progression, and slow/methodical gameplay make this a very enjoyable game.

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