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Operation Métro features a more linear layout than traditional Battlefield maps. It features a metro in Paris, France and includes a park on one side and a more urban area on the other.


Operation Métro was playable in the Battlefield 3 beta, but only in Rush mode.

Stage 1

Both M-COM stations are located in the park. The attacking team needs to overpower the defending team in order to take advantage of the limited cover. The park also features a pond with a small island that snipers can take advantage of.

Stage 2

After successfully destroying the M-COM stations in Stage 1, an entrance to the metro station will be blown open and the attacking team will advance. Firefights change from the medium range engagements seen in the park to close quarter combat inside.

Stage 3

The attackers must push their way up to the second floor in order to destroy the third set of M-COMs.

Stage 4

The final stage of Rush returns both teams to the exterior of the metro station, this time fighting in and around an outdoor cafe flanked by multi-level buildings. One of the M-COM stations is located in one of the buildings, while the other is out in the middle of the street between the cafe and the Paris Stock Exchange.


Operation Métro is one of the most popular Conquest maps due to the ferocious close quarters fighting that occurs, allowing players to see lots of action without having to deal with vehicular warfare or covering large distances.

Flag A: Cafe

The flag in the cafe sits between the two multi-level buildings in the area and is the one closest to the Russian deploymen. The capture radius extends through these two buildings, meaning players both attacking and defending the flag will usually engage each other within these buildings.

Flag B: Ticket Hall

Some of the more intense fighting happens in the ticket hall due to the flag being located in the middle of the map. Capturing the flag early is crucial for a team, for it is very hard to take it back from the enemy unless the enemy is heavily occupied by another flag.

Flag C: Platform

The flag closest to the US deployment is located deep within the metro system on the platform. This flag sees little action compared to the others, for it is easier for the US team to advance towards A and halt the enemy than it is for the Russian team to advance towards C and halt them. It is also relatively easy to capture, for there are many dark areas around the tracks and crashed train cars within the capture radius that players can hide in.

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