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Use the mouse or cursor keys to move the crosshair on the screen to an enemy, click the mouse button or a keyboard key to shoot or throw grenades. If you think about it, this really is where first person shooters originated.

Missions / Levels

  1. Communications Center
  2. Jungle
  3. Village
  4. Power Magazine/Ammunition Dump
  5. Prison/Concentration Camp
  6. Airport


Enemy / TaskPoints Attained
Field soldier50 - 100
Motorcycle soldier150
Armored soldier200
Guerrilla soldier200
Knife soldier300
Armored car1000
Gun boat1000
General (soldier)5000
Completed Mission10000
Completed Game (0 Prisoners Saved)60000
Completed Game (1 Prisoner Saved)70000
Completed Game (2 Prisoners Saved)80000
Completed Game (3 Prisoners Saved)90000
Completed Game (4 Prisoners Saved)100000
Completed Game (5 Prisoners Saved)110000

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