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The Operator is a .45 caliber pistol that is especially characterized by its light rails, allowing for easy attachment of, among other things, a light. This handgun is especially made to be an optimal small firearm for the United States Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit, especially for use in special operations (thus the name).

The Operator in Metal Gear Solid 4

The Operator is a new weapon in Solid Snake's arsenal as of Metal Gear Solid 4, and his default lethal handgun, given to him at the beginning of the game by Otacon. Previously, Snake was known for using his trademark SOCOM Mk.23 pistol, another .45 caliber, highly customizable handgun.

Details on the Operator in Metal Gear Solid 4:
How to obtain: The Operator pistol is given to Snake early in the game, during Act 1 in the Middle East, by Metal Gear Mk.II.
Damage: D
Shock: C
Penetration: E
Stability: B
Reload: S
Lock: B
Special Note: The Operator comes equipped with a built-in laser sight.
Customization: The Operator can be equipped with a Suppressor and Flash Light.
Metal Gear Online: The Operator can be obtained and used in MGO.

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