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Ophelia is one of the main characters in Brütal Legend and is Eddie Riggs' love interest. She also serves as the leader of the Drowning Doom faction. She's voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Role in Brütal Legend

Ophelia leading the Drowning Doom.

Eddie first meets Ophelia at the Temple of Ormagöden where she helps him escape an onslaught of evil demon druids and explained to him about the Tainted Coil, the demons who have enslaved humanity and rule the world. Eddie and Ophelia appear to be attracted to each other right from the get go, but do not act on their feelings. In addition, Eddie has a rival for Ophelia's affections in the form of the Ironheade resistance leader, Lars Halford. Early in the game, Ophelia is gravely injured by Razorfire Boars as she attempts to arm the recently freed women of Lionwhyte's harem.

Revived by the Kill Master, her affection for Eddie grows as they continue to fight against the evil General Lionwhyte's glam-powered forces and amass an army, eventually leading to a passionate kiss in front of the Screaming Wall. Ophelia feels Eddie is the only one who truly trusts her. Lars' sister Lita in particular despises Ophelia because her parents were Tear-Drinkers, men and women who drank from the Sea of Black Tears to gain superhuman power, but who turned against their fellow humans instead of joining with them to overthrow the Tainted Coil. This lead to the Black Tear Rebellion that nearly destroyed humanity many years prior. A turning point comes, however, when Doviculus discovers the resistance stronghold and murders Lars. Ophelia is blamed, Lita and the rest of Ironheade believing her to be the "Succoria" Doviculus was speaking of who was sent to spy on the Humans; even Eddie feels betrayed and leaves Ophelia behind at the Pleasure Tower.

This leads to a downward spiral where Ophelia, heartbroken and alone, attempts to drown herself in the Sea of Black Tears. The dark waters, however, possess her body and transform her into a powerful being, the living essence of the Black Tears. She builds up her own faction of modern tear drinkers, which she names the Drowning Doom, and leads them in a brief campaign against Eddie and Ironheade; driven to bitter madness by the waters and losing Eddie.

Defeated on the shores of the Sea of Black Tears, Eddie Riggs confronts her and the suddenly appeared Doviculus. He believes them to have always been working together, until Doviculus reveals that Succoria was actually Eddie's mother, and that Ophelia had nothing to do with it in the first place. Slightly vindicated, Ophelia's wrath is cut short when Doviculus rips her heart out and her form disintegrates into Black Tears.

Eddie is able to defeat Doviculus and retrieve Ophelia's heart, which has inexplicably turned into the shark tooth necklace he gave her. Acting on a hunch, Eddie dives into the Sea of Black Tears himself, and discovers that Ophelia's true body lies dormant on the seafloor; however, the Sea takes hold of him just as it did Ophelia. Just as Eddie is about to drown, Ophelia awakens and saves his life. The two share a kiss on the shore, reminiscent of a dream Eddie had. When Eddie leaves to tie up loose ends within the world, Ophelia watches him as a single black tear rolls down her face.

The player can return to her spot on the hill any time after the game is finished to engage in a triumphant make-out session.

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