Brightness/Contrast changes this gen.

#1 Posted by Zabant (1277 posts) -

Is it just me or does every damn game coming out today need to be adjusted for the "correct" (Make it so the game logo is just barley visable) contrast and brightness?

I wouldn't mind, but no two games ever have the same combination of brightness and contrast in ratio so it means the first thing I have to do in every damn game I buy is go to the options menu. I dont ever remember it being like this, or at least this bad prior to around 2007.

#2 Posted by Zabant (1277 posts) -

also, sensitivity settings. Why is it always set to a damn snails pace for stick movement.

#3 Posted by TooWalrus (13258 posts) -

You are not going to age gracefully if you keep whining about these minor issues, friend. Don't be one of those "back in my day..." guys, it's a sure-fire way to become one of those annoying old assholes everyone hates.

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