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Gunstar Heroes

Rotor Press
Orange is the boss of the Flying Battleship stage from Gunstar Heroes. The fight takes place on a moving helicopter that bobs back and forth while flying through the sky. Unlike the majority of the bosses from the game, Orange relies on sheer muscle and close quarters attacks to assault the player. He can use shoulder charges, jumping kicks, arm drops, and even throw the player off the helicopter if they are too close. One of his signature moves involves grabbing the helicopter's rotor to spin around and fling himself into the player.
Even though Orange is a boss, he can take damage if he falls off the helicopter accidentally (or if the player throws him).

Gunstar Super Heroes

Orange on a Jet
Orange appears in the GBA sequel Gunstar Super Heroes riding a harrier jet. The jet drops bombs on the player until they climb up onto the wing. Orange has similar moves to his first appearance on the Genesis/Master System using shoulder charges, punches, kicks, and a ground pounding area attack. The only move he doesn't have is the Rotor Press since he's riding a jet.

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