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Orca is a fisherman who lives on the ground floor of a house he shares with his brother Sturgeon and great-niece Sue-Belle on Outset Island. He doesn't get along well with Sturgeon, who lives upstairs with Sue-Bell. When Orca was a younger, he set out with his brother to collect ten Knight's Crests in order to learn the Hurricane Spin, but failed.

At the beginning of the game, Orca teaches link how to use the sword, but doesn't grant him the Hero's Sword until the Helmaroc King drops Link in the Forest of Fairies.

When Link returns later in the game, Orca will offer to let Link play the training game, in which he has to hit Orca as many times as possible without being struck three times. He will also teach Link the Hurricane Spin if Link bring him ten Knight's Crests.

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