Original 75%off , will give you 10 more levels in omd!2

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Orcs must die 1 is on sale this weekend for 1.74euro and I guess something similar in $. ( 75% off )

If you own OMD!1 on steam you will get 10 co-op levels from the first game in OMD!2 If you think you are gonna buy omd!2 you could think of this as dlc with a whole game as a bonus!

Orcs must die! 2 is released on monday, and a steam demo is out now (well the download doesen't work for me yet)


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Darn, its €2,50 over here!

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This game gets so much lip service but I just couldn't get into it after a couple of hours.

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I loved the first one, can't wait for the second.

The second one is coming out next week and it will be more of the same + multiplayer and I think a map editor too, so if you are only going to get one, I'd wait till next week and get that, it's a bit more expensive, but definitely more bang for your buck.

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@Kidavenger: No map editor announced, but there is an endless mode.

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Cannot wait, been playing the lost levels after not playing the first in ages, and that game is still fantastic.

Everything about it feels awesome, can't wait for the sequel!

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The reviews so far seems very positive!

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This game can't come out fast enough!!  It doesn't release until 2pm EST on Monday.

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No search for co-op player online feature... so we need people on the friends list with the game in order to play co-op? Excellent design choice.

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This game does have controller support its just not enabled to navigate the menus with yet. They will be fixing that in a future patch.

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