singleplayer seems the afterthought here

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Been playing this game both Co-op as a sorceress with a RL buddy and singleplayer as the warmage. Now while in co-op it is easy to get most most missions while grabbing a horribly low score due to ineffective trap setups and lacking upgrades allowing plenty of incentive to retry the map for a better score design choices have left disjointed feel when it comes to the singleplayer.

When i first booted up the game i was surprised that you can freely refund all your upgrade points at any time with the simple press of a button free of any repercussion. now a few days later it has become painfully clear that the maps designed for 2 player co-operative play (often large in size and lacking any form of teleports) can be at times downright impossible without specific trap unlocks and upgrades for that specific map.

I have to admit that i feel somewhat disappointment with this choice, gone are the days where you would would theory craft your way through irreversible investment choices and you treating every skull as a valuable and oh so limited resource. instead you can try out the maxed out versions of any trap you wish whenever you want and are even required to do so. This removes allot of the incentive to replay missions for that higher score directly translating into more unlocks. Adding on top of this the complete lack of a matchmaking system (at launch at least) and i am not quite sure what to make of this package, perhaps design took a sudden turn during development or perhaps the developers were not able to flesh out every feature as much as they had originally planned? you're guess is as good as mine.

Is the game fun? YES, enough that the above may seem nothing more than trivial nitpicks but i also feel future consumers have every right to be informed of what they are getting into.

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