generichenle's Orcs Must Die! 2 (PC) review

Half a sequel?

If you played the first Orcs Must Die! you know what to expect from it's sequel. Traps, orcs and dead orcs. This time around there are some new types of enemies, traps and a whole new "class" for you to murder with. That's really it though. Instead of a full sequel this feels much more like a big update, but well worth the $15 price tag.

Orcs Must Die! 2 is all about killing the orc horde with elaborate traps. If you have ever played a tower defense game. You will easily be able to pick this up with no problem what so ever. It's up to you which types of traps you will use though. Will you prefer wall traps? Ceiling traps? Floor traps? All your's to decide. Depending on your score in each level you are rewarded skulls that you can spend on new traps/weapons or upgrading current ones. Score is dependent on how efficiently you kill orcs and how many you let into your rift. Let in too many and it will be game over.

With the newly added weapons and traps, Orcs Must Die! 2 also features a new character, the Sorceress. She is a more range and spell focused character compared to the Warmage. She has more mana and less health. Her inclusion brings co-op into the game which alot of players asked for in the first game. The only problem with this is that now the game is very co-op focused now. If you choose single player you will be by yourself. Now this is no different then the first game, but the maps in this game seem to heavily rely on two players being able to cover two sides of the map at once. Not saying that this is impossible to play by yourself. It is just preferable to play with a friend.

Orcs Must Die! 2 is just as or even more enjoyable then its predecessor. It just feels very empty. After you complete the story missions, there isn't many reasons to go back to them unless you want to get that perfect score. The game does feature a survival type mode you can use to collect skulls to upgrade your weapons. As well as some of the first games maps if you own it. Other than that though there isn't very much new here. I think DLC/expansion would of fit much nicer rather than a full release. That being said. If you do have a gaming buddy and a weekend free, spend it killing some orcs.


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