Orcs Must Die + Steam sale = Happy

#1 Posted by Hawk456 (133 posts) -

Picked up this bad boy on sale from Steam (50% or 75% off - hells yeah!) and I must say that I'm loving this game - I'm still honeymooning in Act 1 but so far, I don't mind replaying the levels to try for 5 skulls. The Quick Look sold me on it - the only hitch was that I needed to change one of the preferences to get it to launch. It reminds me to Zombies in CoD but this time it's fun because I actually stand a chance!

#2 Posted by Three0neFive (2305 posts) -

I picked it up during the Autumn sale and just got around to playing it - thanks in no small part to the Gift Pile achievement - and I'm really glad I did. I normally can't fucking stand tower defense games, but this game is just so much fun to toy around in. I guess it really is more of  a third-person shooter than a tower defense game in that regard.
I'm a little bummed it doesn't have co-op, though.

#3 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5301 posts) -

Yeah it's definitely a good break from Skyrim. I wish there was a co-op mode though.

#4 Posted by bigsmoke77 (791 posts) -

I can't get the game to launch, says its unavailable.

#5 Posted by SlasherMan (1725 posts) -

@bigsmoke77: Try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work, try deleting the .blob files in your Steam folder (back them up just in case) then run Steam again.

#6 Posted by Vodun (2370 posts) -

I really like this game too, but I keep feeling like not having coop is a huuuuge missed opportunity.

#7 Posted by DeF (5000 posts) -

@wolf_blitzer85 said:

I wish there was a co-op mode though.

that's where Dungeon Defenders comes in :)

#8 Posted by Winternet (8080 posts) -

I got it also on the Steam sale, just because it was cheap. And it's surprisingly fun to play. A light easy-going game that gets my mind off the BIG games I have still to play.

#9 Posted by Forcen (1858 posts) -

It's on sale again, just got it and the DLC.

#10 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

Yeah I just picked it up, will totally help my "I want to play more" mood I've been having. No cutscenes and no walls of text, just pure interactivity.

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