Does Origin provide you with faster download speeds compared to Steam?

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I noticed Origin downloaded games a lot faster than Steam, on origin I get around 2 or 3mb/s and on Steam 800kb/s to 1mb/s. Why do you think this is and does it happen to you?

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Yeah about 600kbps - 1.2mb/s on steam. I ended up buying BF3 on Direct2drive and got around 6 or so mb/s. I wish I knew the real reason behind steams lame slowness aswell. I even tried many different servers, found Seattles to be the 'best' from my location.

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i have not downloaded anything with origin yet so i couldnt tell you.. i doubt i will either. if its on steam ill buy it on steam and if its not ill buy it in store.

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I get 4-5 mb/s on Steam and just under 3 mb/s on Origin. I think server load affects that so I may have DLing at a peak time.

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For me they are both about 3 megs.

But i really won't be bothered if one is a bit faster. It's not like i can't wait a bit. That and they still provide one of the fastest downloads i have seen so.

#7 Posted by Winternet (8080 posts) -

Haven't used Origin. But, it seems that way (it happened to Jeff). Depends on your distance to the servers I would assume.

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Steam downloads as fast as my connection will allow, so Origin can only match that or be worse. I haven't downloaded anything there just yet.

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