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#1 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2349 posts) -

Hey Duders, I'm interested in getting Alice: Madness Returns (complete) on PC as it is only available til tomorrow (17/6/11) and I'm after for some feedback on the service and the way it runs. I've heard that the previous service that EA used was pretty dicey and interested if they have improved based on what Steam has become. Also, I want to be able to have the .exe file available so that I can put that into steam and launch via that - I do this also with my Blizzard and GOG purchased games. If that can be done then I might give this a shot.

Any feedback is welcome, thanks :)

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You can always add Steam shortcuts. I've never had any issues what so ever with EADM, the predecessor to Origin. It's basically the same thing now: slightly faster downloads than Steam, same principle (install while downloading), you can choose where to place individual games and it's a lighter client, and for europeans it's of course cheaper. Steam is allright, but there are better stuff out there if you look outside of that box.

Give it a shot.

#3 Posted by MattyFTM (14724 posts) -

It will be available after tomorrow, it's just exclusive to Origin until tomorrow. After tomorrow hits it'll be available on other digital distribution services too.

#4 Posted by AlwaysBeClothing (1696 posts) -

I actually liked the EADM service in that, I could take any of my EA retail box serials, and put them into EADM and have an instant digital copy. The service itself is fine, I recall over 1-2 meg/sec downloads and as Ertard mentioned, you can choose where to install and still have the exe etc. I can vouch for being able to launch the Battlefield 2 exe via steam, no issues.

In any case, its just a digital download and install, and they seem to be gunning hard to compete with Steam. That said, I would still go with whichever has the better price but if Origin is like EADM, its not too bad.

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