Origin Is Dieing with the BF3 BETA Downloads

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The BF3 website is being crushed, the origin service is being crushed and stressed just by a beta? Can you imagine placing the stress of Steam Christmas sales on origin? I think we'd see news of servers blowing up in some serverfarm belonging to EA. If a whole system is being stressed because of one game, this really isn't looking good.

I can only imagine what will happen during the Old Republic pre-loads, and day one downloads when people aren't dling a beta but a 30gb+ file. If you want to compete with Steam guys you gotta bring your A game, otherwise you'll be the proverbial failed WoW clones trying to claim supremacy. (Can WoW clone failure be considered a proverb nowHonestly I love steam and would be fine to leave it unchallenged since it seems to be run by human beings and not empty business suits. But competition is never a bad thing, so try harder EA.

I'll still be buying BF3 at ebgames to have a hard copy back up after reading all those EULA stories, i know they altered alot of it to be more reasonable. But i don't feel like i can trust Origin or EA with my digital download libraries, and i have a nagging feeling i never will be able to trust EA in such a manner.

Ya dieing : (, its early : (.

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I think that's what EA would call a win.

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I'm sure they'll adjust.

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Yea, EA must be stoked by the reception this is getting. For all we know they could have dropped the servers themselves to aid the hype machine.

It's eased off a little now, navigating seems to be working smoothly and the Battlelog is fine as far as I can see. Seems a little limited though as far as options.

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@Beaudacious: I seem to recall every download service, including xbox live and steam, having significant issues during a period of unexpected usage. It'll be fine, and even as I speak, I've downloaded %30 of the beta in about 5 minutes.

I don't really like origin, when I already had steam, but this whole "store crapping out under usage" is just the normal growing pains of a digital distributor.

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remember when Half Life 2 released. yeah, so do i

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Consider it beta testing the Origin servers.  If they fail again when the games come out for real, then I'll call it a real failure. 
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@clstirens: I guess am just saying that EA doesn't have time for conventional growth.They have to hit it out of the park,right out of the gate. Just my impression of the digital market.

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@Beaudacious: This is very true, though the store isn't completely obliterated either. Considering the hype for the BF3 beta, I'd assume that they already had a large infrastructure ready to go, but had even more demand. HOPEFULLY that means that when the time comes that we have an actually game on sale that requires a fully functioning Origin, this won't happen. Though, I am under the impression that they have plenty of download servers, but not enough backend servers for the store front.

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