Best game soundtrack?

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what is your favorite game soundtrack or theme?
mine would have to be the pacman theme song, it is just so awesome

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Limbo. I know it's new but I just cant get enough! 
But for real I've probably listened to the Shatter soundtrack more than even most of my real music. 

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We get this thread ALL THE TIME.    
Anyways, Halo, especially ODST. 

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Braid is awesome...Oblivion will always be up there too for me, there are certain parts of that music that are just implanted in my mind.

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Metal Gear Solid 3.

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I do love the persona soundtracks, by imo the best game soundtrack is Rock Band 2 plus dlc , so many songs to choose from, your bound to find something you like

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chrono trigger 

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Difficult question to answer, but I suppose at this time I would have to say SOTC.

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Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, FF8, Silent Hill 2, Mega Man X... I can't decide between a bunch.

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Majora's Mask

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mass effect

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its got to be sonic 2!

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I recommend the Bionic Commando, Shatter, Super Meat Boy, Braid, and old Final Fantasy soundtracks.

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The Nier soundtrack, Chrono cross, xenoblade, Super mario galaxy 1/2, Metal gear solid series, Lost odyssey, valkyria chronicles, Okami, Heavy rain, scott pilgrim vs the world (anamanaguchi ftw), Blazblue....

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i guess its the Silent Hill soundtracks for me. Akira Yamaoka's work changed my perception of alternative music and various ambient sound mixes that can actually fit the Horror genre in such a good way.

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I would be lying if I said anything other than Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past OST. 


It evokes the most memories out of my gaming youth. And the fact that I can play the game and visualize every sound effect in my head just from listening to this song is something I find very special about this game.
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@talljack said:
" Limbo. I know it's new but I just cant get enough!  But for real I've probably listened to the Shatter soundtrack more than even most of my real music.  "
Shatter had an awesome sound track, so much so Argon refinery is my ring tone =D
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Oh, and I also enjoyed Demon's Souls OST quite a bit. Especially this track:   

And though I didn't play much of it, FFX's "Journey to Zanarkand" always has me weak in the knees. 
These are the videogame tracks I come back to the most often to listen to over and over, so I consider them my favorites.  
...and now I've spent my last hour listening to a bunch of different Final Fantasy OSTs. So much fantastic music has come from that series, and although I've never played much of any of them, I hold them in high regard just for their audio presentation.
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@talljack said: "  But for real I've probably listened to the Shatter soundtrack more than even most of my real music.  "
Me too.
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Overall soundtrack? Probably Donkey Kong Country 2. 
Single theme song: Metal Gear Solid's.

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It's between Okami and Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, unless I'm forgetting something else.

Just listen to this shit:
The Sun Rises
Ghostly Theatre

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so far mines are uncharted2 Killzone2 and RedDeadRedemption
all available on iTunes

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