Which Game Has The Better Battle Theme

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So the one piece of audio that your guarenteed to hear more than any other in a J-RPG is going to be the stock battle music.
With FFXIII now out there in the wild I thought it would be neat to compare new commer composer Masashi Hamauzu's work (yes he did Dirge of Cerberus but that barely counts) to the series longest serving and most revered composer Nobuo Uematsu's most recent work on Lost Odyssey. 


Personally I think  Hamauzu did some great work here, but I still have to give it to Uematsu.  Overall the Lost Odyssey OST was a fantastic bit of composition, I actually heard it performed live by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra before the release of the game at the Opera House (was at one of those Live game music performances).
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Nice post here. 
In terms of  "epicness'", my all time favorite is the final battle theme of God of War 3 of which all the best compositions in previous works mixed into one. 

Enjoy, especially the horn melody that starts from 3:42. :)
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Not a fan of FFXIII's main battle theme. The violin sounds too...squeaky? I really dig the first boss theme, though... In terms of comparing Hamauzu to Uematsu, I think in both cases their best work is behind them, so maybe I'm not the right person to ask...

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Out of those two? I'd say Final Fantasy XIII. But yeah, I agree that Nobuo's best work is behind him and he's done a lot better in terms of battle music than both of these.
This game has the best regular battle theme, though. ;P

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