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Orvus is the leader of the Zoni, and guardian of the Great Clock. Together with the Zoni, he was responsible for its creation, as well as its upkeep. After he created the Clock, he met Angstrom Darkwater and gained him access to the Fulcrum Star to communicate with the Zoni. In Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Orvus revealed himself to be Clank's father, though it was previously believed that he had been created in a Blarg Robot factory on Quartu. Though they don't possess many physical similarities, they do share a distinctive chuckle. Dr. Nefarious captured him in an attempt to find out who could access the critically important Orvus Chamber. Orvus refused and managed to escape before being destroyed, but not before Nefarious succeeded in finding out Clank had access to the Orvus chamber. Orvus remained in Clank's subconscience, offering him advice and guidance as well as providing new abilites. Orvus was voiced by Charles Martinet, the voices of Mario and Luigi.


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