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Oscar is the first character the player encounters in the game. He provides you with the means to escape your cell in the Undead Asylum and begin your journey.

During the initial exploration of the Undead Asylum, a boulder will roll down the set of stairs which leads to the fog gate before the Asylum Demon boss battle. The boulder will smash through the wall and reveal an all but hollowed Oscar. Speak to him, and he will tell you of the prophecy of the Chosen Undead who will make a pilgrimage from the Undead Asylum to Lordran and ring the Bell of Awakening. Unable to further this mission himself, he grants you a key to further explore the Aslyum as well as the Estus Flask before requesting that you leave him to die and hollow.

When returning to the Aslyum, the player will find a fully hollowed Oscar who will attack on sight.

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